Thought For The Day!


Sometimes the little things like a quote can make a big difference in someones day. Utilizing a “Thought For The Day ” (TFTD) is a great idea to strengthen your program. That is the power of a great idea. In many situations, the best ideas are the smallest ones. It is just a dry erase board and a marker. When you are working with people, you don’t really know what they are going through. Some people come in with smiles, some come in sad, and some come in with no emotion. The use of a “Thought For The Day” may reach that person that needed an extra pick me up. No matter their age, everyone needs a smile. Your quote can be all kinds of things, its good to mix it up between funny, uplifting, and even confusing. When the kids or staff start asking questions or talking around this quote, you have created a new avenue for relationship building and connection.

Another way to utilize a “Thought For The Day” is to get a huge fish bowl and have your participants or staff pick out a folded up quote. You can even have your participants and staff write down their favorites. In an assembly or when you gather your program together, call someone up to pick one out and read it to the group. Then ask three or four people to come up and say what that quote means to them. Taking the time to pause in your program is also very important. Your kids and staff are constantly bombarded with things to do or things coming at them through their phone or TV. You will be surprised at how people see a quote differently than someone else. This also gives your kids or staff a chance to gain confidence as they speak in front of others. Speaking in front of other people is a lost skill as many defer to texting or just not saying anything at all. Your program is the platform to build their confidence and even leaders. How cool is that?! Take time to learn about your staff and kids in your program. With the Holidays approaching, you may need to do more listening than talking. You never know what kind of emotions this season brings for many, it may not always be positive. Give them a smile and make them feel important. I will include this “TFTD” idea into the Resource Zone under Devotions. Check out my website for more fun ideas!

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