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Rollors is a cool game that I came across the other day when I started doing research around Summer 2020. You may have seen Cornhole, Bocce, Washers, etc,,, Rollors is simply a new fun game that is easy to setup and takes some strategy to win. Players roll disks and points are awarded to the player/team closes to the goal. As you can see from the picture, there are different point values on the disks. I also love this game because it is affordable and doesn’t have a ton of rules. If you are playing with kids, I definitely recommend older age groups. This is partly because there is some measuring, and you must constantly keep track of the score . You could play with all ages, just keep those logistics in mind. This game is meant for the outdoors, but could be played indoors. I would avoid playing on concrete or wood floors since the rollors are made out of 100 % New Zealand hardwood.

How did this game come about…

“Minnesota-native Matt Butler is the inventor of Rollors. The concept was first visualized on downtime between deployments overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan supporting combat operations. Upon return, Matt developed a prototype in his garage that was a hit at BBQs, parties, and other outdoor get-togethers. Around the time of the recession; Matt saw many local veterans out of work that had the resident wood working skills that helped spark the light bulb onto a means to help them. He then decided he wanted to employ local veterans to help construct the wooden disks and wooden, cone-shaped targets used in the game in their home workshops.

After countless number of games were handcrafted, packaged and sold through the website, church, craft fairs, and other types of venues it was then distributed in brick and mortar retailers across American and has even started distribution outside of the United States. After helping numerous veterans get themselves back on their feet from the recession he has it developed outside of the United States to be able to get it to a price point so many more people and families can enjoy the fun.

Rollors has turned into an award-winning and unique game which is revolutionizing beach and backyard fun.”

Check their website Rollors out for more information on how to purchase, play, and have fun with this game! We all should be trying and looking for new innovative ways to make our programs stronger. I have included this in the Resource Zone on my website as well! Check my website out for more fun game ideas.

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