Elf On The Shelf!

Image result for union county elf on the shelf

Christmas 2019 may be over, but this idea is definitely worth using at your camp this Summer. If you are doing a Christmas in July theme week or a Holiday theme week, you should definitely steal this idea of an actual Elf On The Shelf to make an appearance! There was a principal from Waxhaw, North Carolina that decided to dress up and show up in different locations around the school. He had the kids try to come and find him. He was spotted in the hallway display case, on the roof of the school, and laying on a hallway railing. The kids had a great time trying to find their principal. What a great idea to replicate for your campers in Summer 2020.

You may be wondering what is a Christmas In July theme week or Holiday theme week? A Christmas in July theme week is simply bringing Christmas back during the Summer. Here are some fun ideas that I have used before…

  1. Christmas Tree in the lobby at camp.
  2. Hot Chocolate by the “Fire” at snack.
  3. Snowball fight. You can use paper, or buy fake snow balls.
  4. Utilize scooters and do “sledding” and have some fun places setup.
  5. Skits! Tons of fun ideas! I love doing a Grinch skit!
  6. Show Frozen or Elf. Wear your jammies to camp and have Christmas snacks!
  7. Sing fun Christmas songs, Christmas music playing around camp, just transform the environment you have.

Holiday theme week is a fun way to incorporate tons of holidays. My favorite lineup has been…

Monday: Valentines Day

Tuesday: New Years Eve/New Years

Wednesday: St. Patrick’s Day

Thursday: Thanksgiving

Friday: Christmas

Always communicate to your audience that these themes are just for fun, nothing is forced, just a way to change up the day or week. If you have never done themes for your day camps, definitely do this. Camp is all about FUN, think of different ways to dress up and change the environment for your staff and kids!  I will add Elf on the Shelf to the Youth Programming section in the Resource Zone. Check this out on my website. Tons of fun ideas for you to steal and share.

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