I was interviewed by a 5th grader earlier this year, and this was one of my favorite things I was able to do in 2019! I loved doing this interview because it is truly exciting to see young leaders passionate about something. She was prepared with questions, learned to pause and listen, and also make eye contact. Podcasts are becoming more and more popular and a great skill to introduce to your older participants/teens. The school setup interviews of former classmates to talk about their experiences at this school in honor of their 60th anniversary. After these interviews were recorded, the school had audio for everyone who toured the school during the reunion to hear the interview. With guidance from the teachers, the students had access to iPads, microphones, and how to edit. So how would this work for Youth Programs or Summer Camps?

I think a great way to introduce podcasts is to have the right staff or counselor that is passionate about this. Then have this as a choice for your participants. One cool idea I thought of would be to record the weekly news of camp or your after school program. The participants could interview their peers, have a topic of the week, find some special guests in the community, and do a word of the week. Make it fun and educational! Then let the parents have access and the kids and parents could listen to the weekly podcast on the drive home! The parents and kid are more connected to your program and a fun way to do an audio newsletter instead of parents having to read something! They get tons of stuff to read. Introduce your participants to new technology, it’s important. We need to catch up and not stay in our same ideas and programming. The kids and your staff will thank you for doing something they may have seen or heard outside of your program. It’s our job to teach skill development and prepare them for the future.

I will share this idea in the Youth Programming section in the Resource Zone on my website.

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