An Incredible 2019! Top 10 Posts!

Thank you for visiting and sharing my website with your friends this year! has reached 88 countries and had over 2,900 visitors in 2019! It has been viewed over 5,900 times! A huge jump from 2018 and when I first started in Summer of 2017.

Listed below is the breakdown of the top viewed countries for 2019.

My Top 10 favorite stories of the year, you can find them by entering in the search bar!

1. Disneyland

2. Buzz Ball

3. Neil Pasricha

4. Criss Cross – Most viewed for 2019

5. Hat Tricked

6. Ramp Shot

7. Bottle Bulls Eye

8. Go Noodle

9. Cosmic Dodgeball – College in Ireland used this!

10. Design Your Own Shoe

Thank you again for all your support! This website is just a fun hobby of mine and I have enjoyed bringing ideas to people all over the world! See you in 2020!

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