Mission Mondays

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It is not Monday, but these guys have a mission for you each week to help improve your school, company, or YOUTH PROGRAM! I heard these two speak at the YMCA Campfire Conference last week, and heard some awesome key takeaways to make your program 1 percent better. Mark Johnson and Sam Stecher created MissionMonday.com and have some helpful resources for you to use. The Mission will appear every Monday!

One of my favorite things I heard them say is the quote in the picture above, “It Happens In The Hallway.” Everyday we pass people in our youth programs. They are our participants, staff, parents of the participants, and if you work offsite at a school they are your teachers, custodians, and principals. We should be greeting them with a smile, a hello, and asking them how they are doing. It is free to do. It can change their day. So that’s a simple challenge from this post, how are you walking down your hallway?

A few weekly missions they talked about the YMCA Campfire Conference that I loved  were It’s Our Trash, Thank You Chef, and Drinking Fountains.

  1. It’s Our Trash – They had a motto at their school that if they ever saw trash on the ground, you would throw it away. They trained their staff on this and told their kids that this is their school and this is the place that they reside everyday for 8 hours. So if you are working in a youth program, train your staff and kids to do this. Set aside time each day and play the Mission Impossible theme song over the speakers of your school or camp.
  2. Thank You Chef – When students ask for food, they say “May I please have some more?” or “Thank you for my food” when going through the line. Always taking the time to thank the staff that are preparing the food each day.  So if you are working in a youth program, you can have different age groups/huddles assigned to thanking someone at your program. Custodians, Lifeguards, etc…
  3. Drinking Fountain – For that week, he would ask the kids “May I offer you in a free tasty beverage. It is totally free, paid by the lovely taxpayers of this community.” The kids would look at him like he was crazy, but this simple gesture of holding the water fountain for anyone to take a drink took off! Kids didn’t know what to do with their hands and lines formed. This simple gesture and making something fun, changed the outlook of those students that day. So if you are working in a youth program, you can think of ways to better serve your participants. Do the water fountain, take their stuff to their car for them, something to show that you really care and watch the conversations/relationships improve.

There are tons of others, but this is how Mission Mondays work. You have a focus for the week, and you can help change the culture of your program. Have a plan, take action! This doesn’t happen overnight, you have to invest into the participants and staff. Check them out on their website. They have a podcast as well. I will add this to the Resource Zone on my website.

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