Feel The Love Week!

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One of my favorite times of the year is approaching! It is time for “Feel The Love Week”. It’s time to show appreciation to all the people in your programs and ways to think about the people behind the scenes. One of my favorites is “Carnations for Moms/Dads/Caregivers” during youth sports. The parents drive them to every practice and game, and are definitely their biggest fan. We like to do the carnations so the kids can make them smile, and teach them to love on their parent/caregiver just a little more that week. Kids love this, and the it is so cool to see how happy they get to show a little love during youth sports.

I love my custodians, and now with a YMCA facility operating 7 days a week, you really see how hard it is to keep a building clean and organized. We do many of our programs inside schools and churches. It is important to take the time to say thank you and do something nice for these staff. We have done YMCA swag, coffee, food, and even a simple handwritten thank you card works too. It’s taking the TIME to show these staff you genuinely care and are appreciative of the many things they do behind the scenes to help your program out. School administration/Church leadership are the same. Show some support to them as they have to handle problems every day and just need to know that you are appreciative of them and their support.

Love on your staff! They are the people that make the magic happen day in and day out. Find ways to show appreciation, and sometimes it is just telling them in person or a hand written note. Put away the emails or text messages this month. Tell people you appreciate them. The week of February 10th-14th is a great time to do “Feel The Love” week, but honestly anytime during this month is great. Take time to plan it out and continue to think of fun ways besides food. Listed below are a few ideas I posted last year….

  1. Hand written thank you cards to all of your staff with a small box of chocolates.
  2. Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner out with your Site Coordinators or key staff member(s) that help you plan the program behind the scenes.
  3. Hot Chocolate/Coffee at Rides In (Morning Program Drop Off for Parents/Teachers)
  4. Work with school, and see if you can push a snack cart through the school with Water, Drinks, and Snacks to deliver to classrooms.
  5. Doughnuts for Dads (Invite Dad’s In!)
  6. Muffins for Moms (Invite Mom’s In!)
  7. Granola for Grandparents (Invite Grandparents In!)
  8. Kids pick all the activities for the week. They are in charge.
  9. Kids write thank you cards to janitors and school administration.
  10. Flower for all the parents.
  11. Theme gifts for staff. Find out their favorite candy or snack.
  12. YMCA or your company/church logo swag. Coffee cup, T-Shirt, Hat, Water Bottle, etc..
  13. Pie In The Face Drawing each day for the kids. Invite the principal to pie in the face a staff member.
  14. Contract with a car detailer, and have all of your staff car’s cleaned during work.
  15. Food truck come out to your program and serve your staff/school!
  16. Surprise staff meeting. Instead of meeting, do something fun like laser tag, putt putt, dodge ball game, escape room, etc…

I will include this in the Resource Zone under Youth Programming on my website. Feel free to comment or share any ideas you have. I bet this list could be even longer!


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