Qubits is a STEM/STEAM style building set created by Lisa and Mark Burginger. This toy is produced in North Carolina and is a great addition to any youth program. Qubits are fantastic building tools for Preschool/Elementary/Middle/High School aged students. This is also a great staff training tool to build teamwork and communication. STEM/STEAM building kits like Qubits can teach simple lessons like cause and effect, and help students develop skills that will support them in their future studies and careers, both in STEM and other fields. Through STEM and STEAM, students can learn to solve problems through teamwork, data collection and analysis, and their own curiosity. Qubits has been part of 160 Donors Choose projects that have added up to over $120,000! They have won several awards and even been on Shark Tank. To learn more about Qubits, visit their website at www.qubitstoy.com. Their products are also available on Amazon www.amazon.com/qubits. 

I will add Qubits to the Vendor section on my website. I also have a Resource Zone if you need more fun ideas to help your program 1 percent better!


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