New Devotion – What Is Your Style?

This week I have seemed to found a theme of toddlers. Maybe it is because my 1 year old has almost figured out how to walk and he is everywhere right now. Check this video out of toddlers racing on a track and trying to figure out the hurdles. This is a great devotion or mission moment to share in a youth program or staff meeting/training. The video is only about 14 seconds long, but you have to watch it tons of times to see how many different ways the toddlers approached the hurdle!

What Is Your Style?

We all have our own style. Sometimes we forget this as leaders. We try to teach a certain way and think that everyone understands. Not everyone hears the directions the same way. I am a visual learner, so sometimes when someone is talking, I need to see it. When you plan your youth program, how do you create the environment to be a space that everyone can learn and grow. It sounds simple, but often we rush through and think that everyone knows what to do. Another fun example is playing games. Don’t play the same game over and over. Add a variation to it. You may see kids understand the game better because it has a new twist to it. In this hurdle video, everyone wants to do their own thing. You can’t just let kids go wild in your program, but how can you give them choices for their activities sometimes during the day. You will see creativity and behavior soar! Here are some questions to ask your group…

  1. What is your style?
  2. How do you like to learn? What makes things easier for you?
  3. Who did you first see in the hurdles the first time you watched?
  4. What is a game that we should add a variation to?
  5. How is our day to day schedule working? What can we improve?
  6. What is your favorite activity? Why?

Since I am a visual learner, I used a video clip for my devotion. This is one way to reach your group instead of just talking at them. Try to add visuals into your devotion time. I have included this devotion on my website and added to the Resource Zone. Check this out for more fun ideas to make your program 1 percent better.

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