Be A Mr. Jensen

I was at a meeting yesterday and a colleague of mine shared this video. In this crazy time we are living in, please take a look at this. It will definitely give you something positive to reflect on and make you smile today. This message is great for anyone working with kids, staff, or just people. If you don’t start your meetings or trainings with an ice breaker or mission moment, please start. It is important to get people focused and reflecting in this busy world. It is just a few minutes, but it can help your team’s productivity.

My Key Takeaways and Questions To Ask Your Team From This Video…

  1. We all struggle with something. How do you help someone find their confidence?
  2. Instead of always saying no, or finding the negative, how do you see the opportunity?
  3. People all learn in different ways? How can you change the way you teach or lead?
  4. Hopefully everyone that works with children, sees that everyone is unique. That’s the challenge. Working with children/people isn’t easy. They don’t always get it the first time. How do you show up when you lead?
  5. When has someone showed you patience? How did that make you feel?
  6. Do you remember someone teaching you something? It may not be like the video where you became a professional drummer, but do you remember that moment of someone taking the TIME to help you?
  7. What does this quote mean to you “There is a difference in being the best in the world and being the best for the world!”?

“A single moment of time can change a person’s life. This was one of those moments for me that I will never forget.”

Feel free to steal this video and devotion to share with your team. These are just my takeaways, feel free to add your own questions or style. I will add this to the Resource Zone on my website. Check out to learn more about his journey he is on right now.



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