Warphole – The Answer To Social-Distancing Fun!

A great game to try in your backyard and at any youth program is Warphole. It is different than playing corn hole! Their patented curved design makes this new game the most fun. With four distinct playing zones, Warphole creates a whole new playing experience for the whole family or youth program. The four zones are Slide, Launch, Target, and Drop.

This game is easy to move and store. It also uses the same bags and rules as cornhole. Go to Warpholebags.com and learn more. They are giving away four board sets over the next eight weeks! The standard set is $129.99. I will add this to the Vendor page on my website. Check this out to find more awesome ideas and games to make your program fire!

One thought on “Warphole – The Answer To Social-Distancing Fun!

  1. Really appreciate you sharing our new curved boards! We’re a family-owned business based in IL. The Standard Sets will be available again this summer and the Premium sets are available now. We love working with corporations and organizations to bring Warphole to more players around the world. We’d love to partner! Feel free to reach out to us at art.angel@warpholebags.com.

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