Ball Over The Roof!

You may be wondering why there is a random roof of a house pictured above? My brother and cousins used to play a game where we would throw a football over the roof of my Grandma’s house and try to catch it. That’s it, that’s the game. Long before social distancing and pandemics existed, kids actually played outside. We didn’t have phones to stare at, Nintendo was cool, but nothing beat playing with your friends and family outside. So how do you play “Ball Over The Roof” and what are some versions I can play?

1. Tonight I showed my daughter who is 6 an easy version. We have a huge rubber bouncy ball that we threw up on the roof and watched it bounce waiting for it to come crashing back down to the driveway. She thought it was hilarious. Added some variations and put some stuff in the driveway to hit “targets”. Bicycle, water table, and a random plate that fits on top of the water table. If the target got hit, you won points. She is 6, so it doesn’t matter how you track. We then advanced to throwing it up on the roof and becoming human targets as we turned our backs and covered our heads with our hands. It doesn’t hurt since it’s inflatable, but she is 6 so things like that work!

2. My version I mentioned earlier. If you are older, use a football and toss that over the house. You can use an inflatable ball and try to catch it as well. Anything to throw over the house is fun because you never know where it’s coming until you hear the person say “Ready” or “Fire Away” something like that so you don’t get a broken nose!

3. You can play taps, especially with shorter or flat roofs. This can be multiple people playing. One person throws it on roof, next person must catch the ball in mid air before it hits ground and throw it back up on roof, and next person…if you drop it, or miss getting ball back on roof you are out. Perfect game for resident camps when you have a cabin full of bored boys or girls.

That’s the game! Nothing special, you just need a ball and a roof. Enjoy and stay safe out there. Playing outside is good for your mental health. I have more fun ideas on my website. Check them out in the Resource Zone.

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