Inky Johnson – Great Message for Staff Meetings, Staff Trainings, and Devotions

Inky Johnson is a motivational speaker and former college football player for the University of Tennessee. His football career ended in 2006 with an injury that permanently paralyzed his right arm. Since this injury, he has used this to help motivate and lead others wherever they are in life. In our youth programs we should be thinking of new ways to lead and inspire our campers and teams. Inky is the perfect person to deliver a message to start a staff meeting, training, or devotion. You can find him anywhere on social media including his YouTube page at I have included one of my favorite posts that you can steal and use that I saw on Twitter! Video clips are a great way to engage your audience. They get to take a break from you talking and a chance to reflect so they can answer questions and begin to have dialogue with one another.

Questions To Ask The Group From This Short Video Clip…

  1. Have you ever wanted something but you didn’t put in the effort?
  2. Why is it hard to put in the effort? Did you actually want it?
  3. Have you ever thought you wanted something, but you changed your mind? Why did you change your mind?
  4. What does this quote mean to you? “You can’t be who you want to be and who you used to be at the same time.”
  5. What does this quote mean to you? “Sacrifice is the prerequisite to growing.”

You can ask any questions, these five can be your guide. This type of message is geared towards older campers and staff. I wouldn’t suggest this for younger campers as the content and questions are deeper. I will upload this devotion to the Resource Zone and also highlight Inky in the Leadership Tools section on my website. My website is for you to steal and share ideas to make your program fire!

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