Social Distancing Top 5 Games…Jedi Tag!

As we begin to understand and figure out plans to work with kids while maintaining social distance, you may be struggling to think about some ideas. I am here to help and provide you with my top 5 that I have done or seen to keep you prepared during this odd time. These ideas may not be mind blowing, and you may have done these before. With this new way of thinking, keep in mind, it can change the way we offer, but doesn’t change it completely. Kids just want your attention and time. If we can continue to provide options, stay creative, and have fun, we can get through this time together.

My Top 5, at the moment haha….

  1. Jedi Tag – You will need 2-3 light sabers. If you don’t have a light saber, you can use pool noodles. Tell the kids when they have their light saber or pool noodle, they must “Use The Force!” to take down everyone. On one side of the field or gym, have the kids line up. In the middle will be your Jedi, and they can’t leave the circle or middle of the space until you say go. Once you say go, the kids must run from one side to the other without being tagged by the light saber or pool noodle. If they get tagged, they must sit down in that spot. New game continues when all the kids are tagged. If you want to speed the game up, you can have the last 2-3 standing, just switch places in the middle. After playing you can sanitize the light saber or pool noodle.
  2. Peg Art – Yes, Peg Art. A YMCA classic. Give kids peg beads in their own bowl, keep the kids appropriate distance apart, and let them create. Once they are done. Have them drop off at a table. Then the staff can iron the beads. You can then sanitize the peg art board, and the beads that don’t get used, you can throw away. Make the bowls small, and if you need to add more, you can as the staff member to save peg art beads.
  3. Balloon Balance – Blow up a ton of balloons. Have the kids start together. Spread them out on a field or gym, they must keep their balloon up in their space. if they go out of their space, they are out. Whoever makes is the longest wins. Simple and easy fun.
  4. Archery – Get your archery targets out. Space out the kids, and you can sanitize the arrows and bow after each use. Great way to have them compete against one another safely.
  5. Mission Impossible – Another tag game with pool noodles. Put on one side of the field or gym, three hula hoops and three jenga blocks in each hula hoop. On the other side of the gym or field, set up cones to show the starting line and have a plastic clothes basket on that side for the kids to drop the jenga block in. Kids must run and get jenga blocks from the hula hoop without being tagged by the pool noodle and move the jenga block by themselves to the basket on their side of the gym/field. The game is over when all the jenga blocks are gone. If someone gets tagged with the jenga block, the game leader can put a new jenga block in to replace it. The old jenga block gets dropped in bucket to be sanitized.

Feel free to steal and share ideas off my website. Some can be modified for the times we are in right now! One of my favorite quotes is “You can’t change the wind, but you can adjust your sails.” This is my encouragement to you as you start to run out of ideas or energy. One day at a time. My website is here to help you make your program 1 percent better, or just encourage you as a leader. Thanks for all you do for these kids and families.

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