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Need something new to do during these stressful times? There is an awesome company called Growga that has great activities for your child or you as an adult. So, what is Growga? Anyone has the ability to be mindful. Through evidence-based techniques and engaging programming, their mission is to make mindfulness accessible to all. Growga supports the whole journey. They work with children ages 2-18 and their families, as well as adults in the workplace. Their vision is to meet people where they are and offer them skills to connect deeper with themselves and others. The CEO is Emily Behr and her mission for Growga is to recruit and train yoga teachers, arm them with curriculum, and place them into teaching positions by partnering with businesses, organizations, and schools that are seeking unique, all-ages yoga programming. The Growga Kids program includes three components: social emotional learning, yoga, and mindfulness. Through evidence-based techniques, they create engaging, age-appropriate classes that give children the skills needed to cope with stresses of life, as well as foster leadership, teamwork, resiliency, and self-love. You can bring Growga kids to your organization or school Growga in the workplace offers yoga and mindfulness programming for employees and educators. You can bring Growga to your workplace!

So if you are feeling worn out or need something to do at home? Try their online classes! They even have a blog that has exercises and things for you to try. You can find this at Growga is based out of Raleigh, NC, but has offerings all over NC and in Charleston, SC.

I will add Growga to my list of Vendors on my website. I have tons of ideas and things for you and your family to try. Check them out and stay safe everyone!

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