Social Distancing Game Ideas During COVID-19

I continue to be impressed with ideas I am finding around game ideas during COVID-19. Many of the games I have mentioned in previous posts are just modifications on old games/classics. This pandemic doesn’t have to shut down all the games or ideas you have done before. You don’t have to lose everything, you just have to make some modifications and do your best to continue to think of some creative ways to have fun. I am making this sound a little easier than it is but, we have to be optimistic, the kids are relying on us to keep them having fun. I challenge everyone that is reading this to share ideas with each other. Many of these games I am sharing today, are from other colleagues all across the United States. So here are a few of the games to share, the full description is listed in the Resource Zone on my website. I have made a new category called Social Distancing Games/Activities.

  1. Apples, Bananas, Carrots: Kids line up and race to the specific spots on the field or court. If they are last, they must name a new fruit or vegetable. You can change rules and objects throughout the game.

2. Battleship : Kids must knock over the other team’s battleship on their side of the gym, field, or playing space.

3. Captain Is Coming: Simon Says with some adventure. Kids will act out and work together to stay on the boat, etc…

4. .Electricity: Old School classic. Kids sit 6 feet apart, and first team to make electricity wins.

5.. End Zone: Team Building. Team wins win they all catch a pass!

6. Frantic: The last team that has a ball in motion wins. Good game to develop soccer skills.

7. Glow In The Dark Bowling: Kids will put glow sticks in water bottles, and go bowling in the dark!

8. Heads and Tails Tag: Flip a coin and the first one back without getting tagged by the pool noodle wins.

9. Here and There: The goal of the game is to make it to the front of the line and stay there the longest.

10. Life Sized Angry Birds: Find some old cardboard boxes, containers. Kids will use different colored playground or gator balls to throw at the targets. Most points wins. You can use a sling shot to propel the balls towards target too.

11. Minefield: The blindfolded person must be guided by their partner located 6 ft away to get through the course without stepping on “mines”.

12. Olympic Speed Walking Duck Race: Who can walk like a duck the fastest to the other side of the room/field.

13. Poison Ball: Teams work to see how they can knock the “poison ball” into the other teams square. Whoever scores the most points wins.

14. Rainy Day Camp Records: Keeping a balloon in the air, standing on one foot, highest tower built, etc..

15. Spud: The child that hits the person below the waist the most times, and earns the most points, wins the game.

16. Ticking Time Bomb: Like categories. If you catch the ball you must name something within the category.

17. What If: One person writes question with “What if…” then balls it up. Person writes their response on the other side.

18. Whiz Tag: Kids get numbers, pool noodles, and the player with the highest number at the end of of the game wins.

19. Word Toss: The first team to gather all of their letters and solve the puzzle wins.

20. Viper Tag: Pool noodles, tag, and a little more!

As you can see, a huge trend is pool noodles and tag. Definitely go buy some pool noodles now, they are the new hand for tag haha! I hope you enjoyed these game ideas, please check them out in the Resource Zone. It will give you equipment needed, some questions to ask the group, and how to have fun with this! Stay safe everyone!

2 thoughts on “Social Distancing Game Ideas During COVID-19

  1. I really want to use some of these games in my classes, but the link in the article above the activities keeps taking me back to a “sign in/create a page” page instead of the instructions page for the games. Can you help me? I’d really like to use these games. 😀


    1. Audra! Thank you for reading and interest in my page. Sorry the link became broken. Just corrected the post, please go to the Resource Zone tab located at the top of my page. It has a complete list of all these games you are looking for and much more! Let me know if you have more questions. I love to hear where ideas are being used, where are you from?


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