Hoo-rags And A Neil Pasricha Devotion!

Shark Face Mask | Sun Protection by Hoo-rag

Hoo-rags? What is a Hoo-rag? Even before COVID-19 started, Hoo-rag was founded in 2012 by outdoor enthusiasts. Hoo-rag has become a leader in revolutionary headwear. Their products are tested by them. Whether you are on the water, in the field or on the trail, you can rock the Hoo-rag over 10 ways. From a facemask to a headband, the Hoo-rag will have you headed for adventure! Join our team of Hooligans and rock the rag today! Check them out at hoorag.com to learn more. A great product you can order in bulk for your staff team, campers, or personal use.

I have mentioned Neil Pasricha on my website a few times, I love his books. I wanted to share with you a cool devotion you can share with your staff, campers, colleagues, or a friend. If you haven’t had a chance to read “You Are Awesome”, check it out on Amazon. for $11.20. If you have this book, go to page 142 in Secret #5, The name of this devotion is Moving Through Failures Is The Real Success”. Read this section at the bottom of page 142 with your team and some parts of this chapter. One of my favorite quotes “One thing I know is we need to stop looking at successful people as if we’re looking at products of success. At success after success. Because you know what we’re really looking at? People who are just really good at moving through failures.” We are going through a time right now where this is so much unknown, that you can expect for many failures to come. It is how you navigate through this, and adapt to the changes. I have included this devotion in the Resource Zone with some questions to ask your team, campers, etc. I have included tons of contests, songs, devotions, programming on my website to make your program 1 percent better.

Take it day by day. This has been my motto. Nothing fancy, and I even have a hard time following my own advice as I want to have a plan in front of me for the next few months. Stay safe and thanks for following my website. Share with colleagues, friends, and others. Always here to help be a resource!

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