Penalty Box – Great Exercise For Youth Programs!

Penalty Box with Chris Hill Professional Soccer Player - YouTube

Penalty Box is a great exercise product that can get your kids and staff active inside your program. It’s versatile and easy to move and store. This is perfect to keep kids and staff at appropriate distance from each other. I also love that you can do various exercises and will help keep your participants/campers motivated. Penalty Box Training would be utilized for clinics or an activity that participants/campers can choose on their own. I utilize clinics or choices programming for kids that are looking for something specific to do during camp or after school program time. Kids need some variety and a chance to make decisions during their day. We have done Fitness clinics before, and this would be an ideal exercise program to add to create a new buzz. I utilize clinics at camp or after school 2-3 times a week for about 45 minutes to 1 hour. We change these up every 3-4 weeks to give a variety of programming. So what is Penalty Box exactly?

Penalty Box® is a complete body workout program with over 119 Exercises based around a patented fitness product that is an agility grid and hurdle all in one. The Penalty Box® uses four squares to take the place of an agility ladder and easily folds into a hurdle and stores away in the shape of an L. Every person gets their own Penalty Box® and goes at their own pace instead of a regular agility ladder where you would stand in a line and each person would go one at a time. With Penalty Box® everyone is working at their own skill level. It can be the hardest or easiest workout in the world, depending on YOU.

You can order this product on their website currently for $27.95 and it is available on Amazon and other retailers. You can order a set of 12 for $169.00 and they have sets of 24 and 50 as well. If you are on a tight budget like most of us are, start small, and do a set. Keep adding on as you need. These are easy to sanitize and clean once the camper/participant is done too.

Check out my website and see other awesome ideas in the Resource Zone to make your program 1 percent better!

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