Save The Summer. You Are A Superhero!

Summer Camp is almost here, and I wanted to share an idea I had with you. I usually share other ideas that I find, but this one is super important to me, and I think you could find useful as you lead staff or campers. All I hear is “2020 is the worst”, “Can I hit reset”, “new normal”, “this Summer will not be the same”, and so on. These kids need camp more than ever. They need social and emotional stability. They need to laugh, smile, and just be a kid again. Yes this year has been awful, but you have a choice as a camp director or counselor. We didn’t choose the pandemic, but we do have a choice on how we can respond! Be A Superhero! It’s camp, yes we will be doing tons of cleaning and following safety protocols this Summer, but be a Superhero to these kids. Save the Summer and bring back fun and excitement to these kids. The Flash said “Life doesn’t give us purpose. We give Life purpose.”

2020 Camp Training/Summer Idea: I spoke to one of my Summer Camp Staff teams and told them that there is power when you have this cape on. There is power everyday you work with kids, don’t take that for granted. You have no idea the impact that you will make, especially given the current circumstances. Now this was a group of veteran counselors, so they know this power somewhat. I reminded them that this Summer is unique. Kids have been home for a long time and may be living in tough and potentially hostile family environments. Some campers haven’t even done online learning or participated in any group chats. They have been isolated from many things. Your energy, positive attitude, and smile will change their Summer and even the rest of their year as they move into a new school year.

*Counselor Of The Week: Each week a counselor will be awarded a cape for their strong efforts.

*In the picture I cut a piece of the cape to put on their bead necklace. Every time they look at this, let it be a reminder that they are a Superhero and the kids need you. If you don’t use bead necklaces please do. Simple way to reward good character and add unique beads besides just color beads.

*Watch the “Be A Mr. Jensen” video on YouTube.

*Use a Superhero quote each week. Post in staff email, staff office, somewhere to have a visual reminder of how awesome they are.

I will add this to the Resource Zone. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to steal, share, and make your own. Ideas are meant to be shared, not kept locked up! Have A Great and Safe Summer.

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