Air Hockey! COVID Game Ideas

If you are looking for a cool social distancing game to do at your Summer Camp, check out Air Hockey! I also have a few others I have seen from colleagues listed in the Resource Zone on the website. Air Hockey is a simple game that doesn’t require a ton of a equipment and is affordable to do! It is also safe and fun! That’s usually my checklist right now. Safe, Fun, Not Much Equipment, and Affordable. If it meets these 4 requirements, you should do it! So what is Air Hockey?

Air Hockey develops coordination and blocking. All you need are pool noodles, tape, bean bags, and cones. This picture was taken pre COVID-19 so just a few modifications needed. Add an extra noodle to make the distance a little more and add space in between the kids sitting. If you don’t have extra bean bags to sanitize then have the kids wear latex free gloves. You can also use gator balls, small balls, anything that slides or moves that can teach coordination and blocking. I saw this game on a great resource to find ideas. This picture is from Middlebranch-Avondale PE.

It’s always great to make modifications and have a plan while this virus is around! Check out my website for more fun ideas!

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