Dots! App Store To Camp During COVID-19!

I recently came across this game from Chuck Steinfurth a new friend/colleague at the YMCA. Dots hit the App Store in 2013 and now it has hit camps during COVID. if you don’t remember this game, it is an easy and fun way to maintain social distance while having fun. Dots has a simple goal, connect same colored dots vertically or horizontally to win points. Make a square to win even more! As you can see from the picture, you can make this game with any kind of rules you want, and set any kind of timer. I wanted to highlight this game because it uses pool noodles which are easy to disinfect, you can space kids apart, and it takes very little equipment. You can also play this game inside or outside, don’t let limited space stop you! I know this has been a challenge this Summer, so if you see something that is played in a large gym/room, move it outside if you have the field space.

Games from our childhood and old school things are a big hit right now. Old School Wii Games, simple tag games with pool noodles, nature walks, bird feeders, archery, and we just recently did an Easter egg hunt. Kids need social interaction and to be outside. They are just wanting to have simple fun. That is why I mentioned nature walk. Yeah its hot, but kids need to move, and just get off the screen of their phone, tablet, or TV. You have the power and platform to help their social and emotional well being. Continue to try things, even when the kids complain when you start the activity. Kids just want to do the same thing over and over, this was the same mindset before the pandemic. If you continue to do the same things, you will lose staff, enrollment, and your passion for why you are working with kids.

Thank you to all the leaders out there working through COVID and providing summer camp opportunities for your communities. I have put this activity in the Resource Zone. Check this out for more fun ideas and ways to make your program 1 percent better!

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