Kites and Cloud Watching!

We all need to slow down sometimes. If you are looking for some more activities to do during this strange time, I suggest Kites and Clouds. My CEO stopped by to visit one of our programs, and gave me two good suggestions that can be relatable for anyone right now. If you are wanting to get your kids or child outside, these two suggestions are classics that may have been forgotten or possibly never tried before. In a world where we are addicted to our phones and screens, these ideas give you a break from that world. Working with children, we need to set that example and give them outlets to break away.

Kite Flying

You can make your own kite or buy them online from anywhere really from $9.99 and up. We do many things with groups of 10, so if you have 10 kites you can rotate them, keep them sanitized, and make them last for a large group. If you are creative, and want to make your own, you can do that too! I have seen cool kites made out of garbage bags and other things that you may have around camp or your home. Don’t stop there! Have the kids compete to see who can keep their kite in the air the longest, relays with the kids running with them, and who can make their kite do the coolest trick. If you want to keep it low key, you can also just have the kid fly their kite. This will take their mind off things, and is a great way for them to develop confidence.

Cloud Watching

Have your group of kids go outside and lay down on the grass. Tell them to pause for 10 minutes, and look up, and describe what they are seeing in the sky. What shapes, colors, creatures, or other things they spy in the sky. The fun activity is all about the kids using their imagination and having a chance to practice mindfulness! Wrap up the activity by telling the kids to stop looking down and learn to look up more. When you learn to look around, you may see or think of something that you have never found before.

These two ideas are nothing new, kites and cloud watching have been around forever. The difference is that your kids may not have had a chance to do this. I haven’t laid down on the grass in a long time to look at the clouds, and neither have your kids probably. In this crazy time, stress and nervousness is a very real thing for many of our kids and staff. Create an environment at your camp or program that welcomes calm and peacefulness. Love on your staff and help them too! I will add this to the Resource Zone on my website. Check this out for more fun ideas to help make your program 1 percent better!

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