Social Distancing Game Ideas During COVID-19 Part 2!

how to create an antique pirate or treasure map

I posted some COVID-19 game ideas back in April, and wanted to do a follow up post with a few more ideas for you! As you are moving through Summer Day Camp or you may be preparing for the Fall, feel free to steal, and use any of these games/activities. This is a challenging time, and programming is tough, there is no doubt about it. I didn’t think this would last as long as it has, but here we are! If you continue to add new ideas in, this will help with staff and camper morale.

  1. Make A Treasure Map: Give the campers a piece of paper (Cardstock paper works well) to design a treasure map to find the hidden treasure around camp. Tell them to customize their map how they want or you can tell them to make the pirate map using camp locations. Either way, this is their map, and let them design. When they are done making it, have the campers dip the paper into tea to make the paper turn brown. If you don’t have a thick paper, you can still use regular paper, and have them sprinkle the tea on the paper. Either way, have fun! Have the camper tear the corners and have the counselor burn the edges to make it look like a real treasure map. Then actually have them find a fun “treasure” you have hid at camp by giving them fun clues. X marks the spot!
  2. Airplane Day: Have the campers design airplanes and build them. Tons of great resources online, Youtube, etc. Then have different competitions to see who has the best airplane. Most flips, go the farthest, go the highest, and biggest crash! Easy and fun activity where all the campers have their own paper and supplies.
  3. Nature Collage: Go outside with the campers and have them search different areas outside for cool nature things such as pine cones, sticks, blades of grass, leaves, etc..Have the campers arrange this on paper to make a fun collage. Tracing leaves is also a fun idea!
  4. Design A Robot: Tell the campers to design a robot that can do whatever they wish for. Have them take their paper, and draw their robot. Tell the campers to be prepared to have a story to tell others about what cool things their robot can do. Tell them to be creative, money is no object when building and designing the robot.
  5. Build, Destroy, Build: Give campers their own jenga blocks, legos, cubes, or items you can easily sanitize. You are going to have the campers use their own specific pieces you give them, and have them make their own creations/structures. Then have them destroy their creation, and have them make another. Tell them to not get upset because things are going to get destroyed. Give them different challenges such as building the tallest tower or the strongest structure than can hold a counselor binder or book,etc..
  6. String Maze: You can use chairs and the walls to tape string and weave in and out to make a fun obstacle course. The campers can climb over, under, or through. If they touch the string, they are out, and have to go back to the starting line. Duct tape works best, but use whatever you can find!
  7. 4 Corners: Have the person in the middle of the room and they are the caller. Make sure they keep their eyes closed. Have them count to 10, and the campers have to find a corner to go to. They must be 6 feet apart in their corner. If the caller calls their number, they are out. The last one standing wins!

Monday’s are very important. Make sure the counselors/staff do the following…

  1. Play a name game.
  2. Go over rules.
  3. Explain expectations in your huddle.
  4. Know if any of your campers have special needs and how to accommodate.
  5. Know camper’s names.
  6. All campers get a bead necklace (Great way to reward character development. (Can send you more info if you have questions.)

I hope some of these ideas will help you as you try and navigate this difficult time. Please share and steal ideas. I have tons of ideas posted in the Resource Zone.

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