You Can Be Hulk Hogan? Community Builders Help Keep The Fun In A Meeting Or Training!

This is a Youth Program website, but if you are in a corporate office job, don’t discount this idea. Fun should be happening in any job, regardless if this doesn’t fit your work culture. A community builder is something that you do to start a meeting or a staff training. These are especially important if you don’t know everyone in the room or you are trying to learn about your team besides saying “Hey, can you look at the budget, and tell me why this is happening?”. There are many community builders that you can do, but this one is a fun idea to me. I grew up on WWF and WCW wrestling. If you are younger, and you don’t know who these two are in the picture, go to YouTube and watch a WWF Summer Slam or Monday Night Raw, and you will see how everyone was locked into watching wrestling. I have seen many community builders through my tenure working in the youth program/non-profit world of the YMCA. These community builders usually take the shape of the personality of the person leading, and is a fun way to delegate to staff so they have ownership of the meeting. Since I loved wrestling, I follow the motto of “Do what you love, love what you do.” We all attend meetings and trainings, sometimes multiple times a day. Why not make it fun, and change it up every once in a while? Some community builders can be serious, and some don’t have to be this over the top, but find your timing and don’t be scared to shake things up a little.

This community builder is called “You Can Be Hulk Hogan!”. You can do this with a partner or by yourself. Let the room or virtual room know that you will be given 3-5 minutes to choose the following…

  1. You must choose a wrestler name.
  2. Choose your intro song,
  3. Choose your secret skill.
  4. Choose your move/dance move/look to the crowd to get them fired up.
  5. Choose your costume (This one can be if you want to give them a day to think about it and present it. Good for staff trainings.)

Have them present to the larger group and share. This is fun to see what personalities you have on your team, but also more importantly forget about WORK for a few minutes. Culture and fun should live together. Your team should have a moment to breathe, instead of jumping straight into the day to day tasks. If you think you can’t do this, you may want to reevaluate your place of employment. I will say that you need to make sure the community builder doesn’t take over the whole meeting, set time limit, and move on. As a participant of a meeting, it does get frustrating if you arrive and wonder the purpose of the meeting, or feel that you will not have time to cover what you need to do. Keep in mind that engaging employees is critical for retaining valuable talent and is an important piece of the employment satisfaction puzzle. So remember, don’t be scared to start a meeting with some fun. Even if you feel awkward, that may be a good thing for you and your company. The “same ol, same ol” isn’t going to work now. I have included this community builder in the Staff Training section of the Resource Zone on my website. For those new to reading, about 90 percent of my content is stolen/shared ideas. Be a sponge!

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