No Hand Cake Challenge and Josh Jarman!

I found another winner! I was scrolling through Facebook and saw the “No Hand Cake Challenge!” In the world of COVID-19, there is no touching and you can use your own cake or fun food to eat. The perfect challenge to entertain kids and staff. You can also keep people six feet apart and use more than two people if you would like to. How to do this contest? Just have the contestant keep their hands behind their back and have them move their body across the floor without using their hands. First one to take a bite of the cake across the room is the winner. For safety reasons, they don’t have to finish the cake. This is important so you don’t have someone choking. Classic rule, “Is it fun, is it safe?” Check out this video on Facebook, and search Arron Crascall.

I also came across one of my old files from an old colleague named Josh Jarman. I keep everything, I am pretty sure my storage drive on my work computer could be the size of my Napster music collection from college.

The Josh Jarman Life Rules…

  1. Never say its not my job, never say I wish I had.

2. Smile, you are in the business of changing lives.

3. Be interested, less interesting.

4. Don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want to have.

5. Assume the best and encourage each other.

6. Love God, love others and nothing else matters.

7. Be bold and not silent.

8. Be a sponge and learn.

9. When going out, be safe, have fun, and no pictures (they will get you in trouble.)

10. Leave it better than you found it.

11.Keep your head up and heels down.

12. Do you best and leave the rest up to God.

13. When in doubt go to the mountains.

14, Leave good tracks.

15.Its 2:30, go change lives.

When I find old files or training documents, they always make me smile. You can tell by reading this list, that Josh put his heart and soul into his job. Josh wanted his staff to know that he is human, and that he cared for the people he worked with. He wanted them to succeed. I always try to pull 1-2 things when I hear someone train or speak, and I love number 8 from his list. Be a sponge and learn. You may have just started your career or been in the position a long time. You are never to good at something, to not learn something new. I have always challenged myself to do this. We all can have an ego, and hear someone speak, and immediately say I know this or this is already boring. If you train yourself to listen, you will always find something to use. This is a big reason I have stuck with this website. I want to share the things I steal or have with other people. We all can help each other. Check out the Resource Zone for more ideas. Have a great week!

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