COVID-19 Game…Paper Airplane Golf

If you are looking for another fun game idea to add to your program during these tough times, try Paper Airplane Golf. This game is similar to how Frisbee Golf is played. Before you even play this game, let the participants know that they can design their paper airplane any way they want. Giving the participants time to be creative is key and makes this game even more fun. For participants that may struggle with building a plane, show them a few ways to make a basic airplane so everyone playing has a fair chance. There are several places to find this information, one of my favorites s is and they have basic instructions for you. So what do you do after everyone has made their airplane?

  1. Create a golf course. Give it a fun name. (Hula Hoop Beach or Augusta Paper Airplane National).
  2. Use hula hoops as the holes. If you have a large indoor space or outdoor space, make about 6-7 holes. Break up your group of 10 participants into pairs and spread the players out.
  3. For the tee (starting points), use poly spots.
  4. For each hole you can set par 3, 4, etc..Have the older kids keep score, younger kids just let them play! To make the holes different, make the hole farther, add in things like chairs that could block the plane from flying, or anything else you want to add. Water trap, add in a baby pool. Just have fun. If you are pressed for time, just make the holes and get out of the way so the kids can begin playing.

This is a simple and basic game to add into your program. I include links from and it is very affordable if you don’t already have these supplies at your location. I hope you enjoy Paper Airplane Golf, and continue to make this challenging time as fun as you can. I have more COVID-19 game ideas and other fun ideas in the Resource Zone on my website.

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