Cheers/Songs work during Social Distance! Try the Bojangles Sweet Tea.

Who doesn’t love some good sweet Bojangles Tea? As you try and create a fun culture during COVID-19, make sure you don’t forget the cheers and songs that make a program fun. I love Bojangles so much, that we made a cheer about it. It’s pretty simple, which are the best cheers and songs for me. When I try and lead songs, I often get lost when I have to remember too many words or movements. Find your style and delegate if you have to.

Bojangles Tea

You’re sweet (Clap Clap)

You’re sweet (Clap Clap)

Like Bojangles Tea

Like Bojangles Tea

Yes, kids are learning at their computer, they have schedules, but break in some time for cheers and songs when you can. Find time for fun! We can get caught in the negative of this current schedule, and the kids deserve more. These young students and staff are facing challenges like we have never seen before. Their mental health is important. Sing, do silly cheers, find time during their “brain breaks” to talk to them and get them excited as much as you can. I have added some new files and organized the Resource Zone on my website so you can navigate this easier. I have made sure these were all in alphabetical order as many files have been dropped in over the past year. You can find the Resource Zone on your mobile device by clicking on the menu or if you are on your laptop/desktop its listed at the top of the page. These are all for you. You can pull these up right off your phone with your campers or you can print them off and put in a notebook or clipboard. I hope this helps bring a little FUN into your day.

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