Steal The Bacon Pasta? More Social Distancing Game Ideas During COVID-19

Bacon Pasta {Quick & Easy} - OnePotRecipes

Are you in need of some more games for your program? This time continues to move on month after month. I have 4 more games for you to try during COVID-19 or anytime really! These are all safe and easy to do while keeping social distancing as much as possible. I will admit that this time where are in does limit but doesn’t fully shut down everything you can do. Stay positive, look at some of your old games, and tweak them if possible. The four games I am going to share with you are tweaks on a few fan favorites. The full description of these games can be found in the Resource Zone located on my website.

1.International Soccer: Set up your gym, field, or multipurpose room where you have poly spots in offense and defensive sides of the field. This non stop action game is great for developing basic soccer skills because of the additional opportunities for players to make contact with the ball. To start, place two balls in the middle of the playing area. On “GO”, players attempt to gain possession of one of the balls and try to score at one of the opponent’s two goals. Players can’t leave their poly spot. There are no out of bounds when playing indoors, if outside use the standard lines as boundaries. The counselor must help keep ball in play. When a goal is scored, the ball is kicked back into action by one of the goalies and play resumes. The goalies can only use their feet to block the ball. Each team needs to keep their own score. The team with the highest score wins. See the Resource Zone on my website for the full description and layout of the game. Each team is a different country.

2. Freeze Dance with Exercise!: Play music and have the participants run around the room or gym. Stop the music and the participants must freeze. If they don’t they are out and must go to the other side of the room. Once they do 20 jumping jacks, push ups, or any exercise you choose, they can play again. Let kids be in charge of the music and have them stop the music. Simple game and works really well with younger kids.

3. Steal The Bacon Pasta: Create two teams and spread them out on each side of the room giving them a number 1-10, etc… Put the bacon (ball) in the middle of the room, and pasta (pool noodle) in the middle of the room. The game begins when the leader who stands in the middle calls out the number. So if you call number 7, they both run to the middle. The goal is to grab the bacon, if they get the bacon across their team line, they get 3 points. If they tag the player with the pasta, they get 1 point. The team with the most points wins.

4. The Soccer Bull: Spread out your participants in a big circle of 8-10. Assign one player to stand in the middle to be the bull. The other players job is to keep the ball away from the bull by passing the ball from one player to another. The bull chases the ball attempting to intercept or touch the ball with their feet. If successful, the bull switches with the player who last touched the ball. If the ball goes outside the circle, the player responsible becomes the next bull. This game does a great job emphasizing correct kicking and trapping techniques.

These are 4 games to add to your arsenal! Remember when you are choosing and selecting teams, avoid saying Team 1 and Team 2. You are more FUN than that. Say, on this side are “The Apple Jacks” and on this side are “The Cinnamon Toast Crunch”. Kids might say, “I don’t want to be an Apple Jack”, and you just say, its cool, we will switch names again later, you are fine, lets play. Games are meant to be fun, and you can keep that fun by being positive and also playing the game. Don’t just talk to them, play with them. Think about your favorite teacher. I guarantee they didn’t just talk to you, they showed you how to learn. This is true in youth programming, show the kids how to have fun. Have a great weekend!

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