More Than A Pumpkin – Fun and Safe Halloween Games During COVID-19

I took a few weeks off from the website to reset for another year if you have been following along for my weekly posts. I am back, and just in time for Halloween. One of my favorite times in youth programming, but COVID has stayed around and tried to ruin some of my fun. I usually host a huge Trunk or Treat event, but we decided to cancel due to the crowds and attendance we typically get. Safety comes first, and just like with any game you have to ask yourself “Is it safe, and is it fun?” If you can’t answer yes to both, then don’t do it! I am not letting 2020 ruin this party though. I have some fun and safe ideas that you are welcome to steal and bring to your program.

  1. More Than A Pumpkin – Buy some small pumpkins or use a large pumpkin and have everyone write with a sharpie what they are thankful for on the pumpkin. Yes, this can work for November, but during the season of I want all the candy and driving parents crazy with costume suggestions, it’s good to hit reset. Great for a huddle (group of kids), your whole program, or one child to take home and have their parents help decorate and get the whole family involved. This has been a tough year, but we can still be thankful. Pumpkins are not just for carving or just sitting out.
  2. Haunted Maze – Use gym mats or cardboard boxes. Design your own mini haunted maze using the gym mats or cardboard boxes to make dead ends, tunnels, and twists and turns along the way. A safe social distance activity. One kid goes at a time, counselors or other kids scare from a safe distance. I have used the gym stage for my location and turned the lights off. Have some fun music, use some fun spider webs, and other fun decorations to make it feel as real as you can. Remember these are kids. This reminder is for myself haha!
  3. Tangerine/Clementine Decorating – Use sharpies and decorate tangerines/clementines like mini pumpkins. Cheap and easy. Eat the finished product! Healthy activity!
  4. Greasy Pumpkin Race – Use gloves, slather some baby oil, and carry the pumpkin from one end of the field to the other. Use trash bags to cover clothing or costume the child is wearing. Use pumpkins of all sizes and determine what works best for age group. Great game for a parent to compete against with their child or counselor against a kid.
  5. Glow In The Dark Bowling – Use orange lights and design the floor like a bowling alley. Kids can use a small pumpkin with no stem and bowl towards plastic pins. No pumpkin, use an orange ball and sanitize.
  6. Decorate Your Mask – Many police departments I have seen nationally are having contests around this. Have kids design their mask geared towards Halloween. Great chance for them to be creative. Disposable masks are very cost effective.
  7. Zombie Tag – Use pool noodles and if a kid gets tagged they must walk around like a zombie until they are tagged by the doctor. The doctor has the special medicine! Supplies needed are pool noodles, the doctor tagger has a certain noodle color. Use cones to space your field or indoor area out. Switch up the taggers and doctors. Do a round where the counselors are the taggers or just the doctors.
  8. Cake “Food” Walk – Space out your poly spots inside or outside. Play fun Halloween music. Kids walk around the spaced out circle and win the music stops call the number. Put numbers on each poly spot. Have the kid be the caller and switch up the job each game. Use cupcakes, cakes, fruit, cheese, anything you want haha. Budgets are tight!

Halloween doesn’t stop. Keep the fun, the kids and staff need this right now. It’s been a long 2020, but you can change the way we choose to look at how we finish this year. More games and ideas on my website in the Resource Zone.

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