Thank You To The People/Companies That Made This An Awesome 2020!

I hope you have had a Happy Holidays! We all know that 2020 has been a crazy year, but for my website, it has had great success. I wanted to genuinely say thank you and highlight these important people again. Pleas visit their website, buy their product, or just share this with your network. We are all stronger together, and I think this is why I have seen so much traffic and visitors in 2020. If you are reading this, I want to say thank you to you as well. Ideas are shared, and this is why I keep doing this for fun. Now it’s time to get to the shout outs….

  1. In January I featured ” On Top Ball Toss” by Bob Schirmer. A great balance between a fun recreational activity and a friendly competitive environment. Check their website out It was $129,95 now on sale for $99.95.
  2. In January another great game I featured was QB54 by Michael and Frank Silva from New Jersey. A game that started with 2 trash cans and a football that has turned into an even better game with tailgating chairs, field goal posts, and much more. Check this game out on and products starting at $134.99.
  3. Every January, there is a great conference called Campfire that is held at Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain, NC. I was able to be a presenter at participant this year. I found some great ideas, and highlighted a few. Eli Cochran from Camp Ernst shared ideas around creating a safe and inclusive environment. Heard from two fantastic speakers named Mark Johnson and Sam Stecher with their idea around I also shared a great YouTube video by Jude Dooley that Chick-fil-A uses for their staff and community called “Every Life Has A Story”. I also did a post in February from a song called Bread and Butter Monday, awesome new jam! The conference will be virtual next month, You can register online at
  4. In February, I featured Qubits. This is a great STEM/STEAM style building product created by Lisa and Mark Burginger. This is produced in North Carolina. To learn more, visit their website at
  5. In March, I featured this video from Jason Smith called “To Save The World, Send a Kid To Summer Camp!”. Powerful message, and added to the Resource Zone.
  6. In March, I featured an idea I saw from the Pennsylvania Department of Education that changed the wording from Muffins with Moms or Donuts with Dads to Donuts with Grownups or Breakfast with Buddies. Powerful message, but also great to have parent committees to help guide your work and see what you community needs.
  7. In March, I featured “Be A Mr. Jensen” YouTube video from A great message around how a single moment of time can change a person’s life.
  8. In March, I featured “Warphole” invented by a team of brothers from Ohio! An awesome way and has some fun variations that make it more fun than your typical game of cornhole. Thanks for sending me this product. A big hit with our staff. Check them out at and you can purchase the standard boards for $139.99.
  9. I live on Twitter. You can follow me at “mayordwilliams”. I am always retweeting Inky Johnson. A great public speaker and shred a message about how pain, redirection, setbacks shortcomings, highs or lows, are all part of the process. If you have never heard of him follow him on YouTube at
  10. In April I featured Retropie aka “Old School Video Gaming” for youth programs. Check them out at The one I featured and have is $124.95 and currently sold out. When it goes back live, check it out. 6,300 video games from Nintendo, Sega, Super Nintendo, N64, and tons of others. Great game to teach kids about this growing and vibrant business.
  11. In April, I featured “Growga” that was created by Emily Behr. Their mission is to make mindfulness accessible to all. Check them out at It is based out of Raleigh, NC, but has offerings all over NC and in Charleston, SC.
  12. In April as the pandemic began to really settle in, I featured Hoo Rags. A great product to keep your staff, participants and team safe. Check them out at
  13. In May, I featured “Penalty Box” a great exercise product that you can you kids and staff active inside or outside with over 119 exercises. Check them out at
  14. In June, I featured “Air Hockey – COVID style”. Stumbled upon this from the Middlebranch-Avondale PE program. A great resource that has shared my ideas and I love as well is
  15. In June, I featured Space Ideas from the University of Central Florida. Great way to add in STEM as these jobs are growing at an alarming rate.
  16. In July, I featured the old school game called “Dots” from my YMCA colleague Chuck Steinfurth based out of Florida. He has great ideas, and helped with some of the content this year as I researched new games online during a crazy year.
  17. In August, I featured Josh Jarman’s “Life Rules”. He was an old colleague and great leader. Some awesome tips for a devotion and included in my Resource Zone.
  18. In November, I heard from a student name Ella from New York. I shared her idea about Virtual Roadtrips.
  19. Towards the end of 2020, I was able to partner with S&S Worldwide (, A great company that I have purchased products from to make my programs successful and also guide programmers on what and where to find things.

Thank you again everyone for helping making this website a place that people can find ideas to make their programs 1 percent better. I hope you all have a great 2021, and continue to share this with anyone you see. I will post in a few days about the actual reach of this website and traffic it has generated in 2020. Stay tuned, and thank you again!

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