A Leadership Devotion Heading Into 2021!

As we go into 2021, I came across this old quote that I saved from a few years ago that I wanted to share. I love to reflect on this and I encourage you to keep a saved folder in your inbox or a place to go back to quotes that can motivate or challenge you. This quote always hits me right in the stomach. I often move from week to week or program to program, but we don’t always reflect on how we got there or who helped us along the way. It is just the nature of the beast of work sometimes, but you should never ignore your impact. It is also important to stop making excuses and saying “this is how this work goes, there is no time to pause.” If you supervise people, please remember to never underestimate the influence you have on your people and those watching you. Your decision making is important, and like I mentioned we sometimes don’t take into consideration the impact even a small decision, email, or recommendation can have. If 2020 taught us anything, it is to pause and slow down. It taught me to collaborate even more, think differently, and most importantly lead differently. The people/staff make the programs. It’s not the nicest equipment, facilities, and things that make the program, it’s the people you are leading. It is also the community you are serving, they may be your staff, volunteer or even donor one day. Hopefully like a mentor once told me, you are training and preparing the staff for your job or their next career one day. Hold high expectations, be blunt, and don’t try and be best friends with the people you supervise. Just listen, love on them, and help them in their job. We all want to be happy, and if you can check those boxes you will be a great leader. This is my opinion, and not everyone you will lead will understand in the moment, but hopefully one day they will. I often tell my staff I love the teachers that challenged me. I didn’t like them in the moment, but I will always remember them. It shaped me, and helped me understand that in life everything isn’t easy. Anything you really want or love, you have to work for it.

Share this devotion with your teams! Ask them these 3 questions…

1.What does this quote mean to you?

2.How will you lead differently in 2021?

3.Who has made an impact on your life and why?

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