The Fire Keeps Going in 2021!

Cheers to 2021! Thanks for reading and following for another year. In 2020, my website reached record page views and visitors. In 2020, I received 19,831 official page views and 13,900 visitors. This has opened up new doors to work with S&S Worldwide who is one of the top youth programs supply companies in the US. I was also able to be a speaker at Campfire Conference prior to COVID-19 and share this with YMCA’s all over the East Coast and in the Midwest. I did a post last week thanking many of the wonderful companies and people that had awesome ideas/products. Thank you again! I do this project on the side as a fun hobby, and I am proud that I have stuck with it during the slow times where I didn’t have many visitors or page views. I stayed with it because I know if I just help one person that’s worth it. Many of these ideas helped my career/program, and I want to help you.

I say all of this to let you know that the mission and vision of this website hasn’t changed. I am here to share ideas to make your youth program the best it can be. It is not just YMCA’s where I currently work, it is for PE classes, Parks and Recreation departments, Youth Groups/Young Life Clubs, and Birthday parties. If you are needing devotions, ice breakers, contests, songs, and just about anything else I have you covered. Check out my Resource Zone, I continue to add files for you to pull straight off your phone inside your program or for you to print off to add to your game notebook or to post for your staff.

Please reach out to me if you have an idea or product you want me to highlight! You can email me at and learn more in the About section on my page. As you can see, you will get some great exposure by posting it on my website. The website is viewed by over 120 countries and is not just in the United States. I have had messages recently from Hong Kong, New York, and Ireland! I am happy to help you. Have a great day!

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