Bottle Bash! Social Distance Game for Indoors or Outdoors.

I came across Bottle Bash the other day! A great game that can be played indoors or outdoors while maintaining social distance. As you look to add more games into your program, continue to try new things. If you are operating an After School program, Summer Camp, Youth Group, or just need a new fun activity to engage your community, this is it! Bottle Bash is only $39.99 and isn’t going to break your budget. So what is Bottle Bash exactly?

A simple frisbee game that can be fun and challenging. just space the poles out somewhere between 20 and 40 feet apart depending on your frisbee skills and start tossing the frisbee. You score 2 points if you knock the bottle off the pole and onto the ground. You can hit either the pole or the bottle directly. As long as the bottle hits the ground you get the 2 points. You can also score another point if your frisbee hits the ground. Now over the defensive side of the game… When your team is not tossing, you are playing defense and can catch the bottle and the frisbee before they hit the ground effectively canceling out any points for the throwing team.

Scoring Points(1) Only the throwing team can score points. Points are awarded when objects hit the ground. Objects Point System:           *Dropped Disc = 1 Point           *Dropped Bottle = 2 Points           *Dropped Disc & Bottle = 3 Points           *Maximum points awarded per throw = 3 Points(2) Defending team can save points by catching disc and bottle before they hit the ground(3) Games can be played to 11, 15, or 21. Teams must win by 2. The winning points can be scored by either a dropped disc or a dropped bottle, but in order for the winning points to be scored on a dropped disc, the bottle must be knocked off the pole

.Rules(1) Disc must be considered “catchable”. This means that the disc is not thrown too far to the left or right of the players or too high based on their, age, skill level, and capability.(2) The “Low Disc Zone” marked on the bottom of your pole indicates where the disc no longer counts for points. If the disc is below this line on a throw or landed before reaching the pole, points are not awarded to the offensive team.(3) If the disc is low, but hits the pole, the Bottle is Always Live! This means that although you and your team mate do not have to worry about the disc, you still have to catch the bottle.(4) No guarding. The disc cannot be stopped before hitting your pole or bottle.

Bryan and John started Poleish Sports with a simple goal in mind: to provide absolutely fun and addicting skill games to liven up backyard games, beach games, tailgate games, camping games, corporate event and summer camp games. They spend much of their time on the lakes and mountains of New Hampshire where lawn games and outdoor games are part of the day’s fun, and new games are sought after. The game was initially cobbled together with odds and ends from the garage when Bryan first introduced the game to John. Once they recognized that the game was a hit with all audiences, Bryan and John devoted countless months of research and development to design a game kit that could be played on all surfaces and under widely varying conditions. If you want to learn more visit their website Bottle Bash. I have included this game in the Resource Zone if you are looking for more fun ideas to make your program 1 percent better.

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