About: My name is Dustin Williams, a native of Garner, North Carolina, and the dream of being Mayor one day. I have over 20 years of experience in YMCA, and youth related programming/staff training. I also have a passion for social media, and just sharing ideas/news to others. One of my first projects was creating the Garner Trojans Facebook fan page several years ago for fun. I saw a gap in finding information for my High School and decided as a proud alumni that I wanted to connect people to my school. It is currently one of the largest High School fan pages on Facebook with over 6,600 likes. I give much of the credit to Phillip Ayscue and Linda Elstun for helping me with keeping the posts consistent through the years! During my time working with youth, I also saw a gap in finding new ideas online, and ways to really make my programs better. Many of the ideas I was using in my programs came from conferences I have attended or other staff that I have worked with. I wanted to create a place online that could hold these ideas, and help someone just like me who needed a spark or to get fired back up for their career. I soon launched YouthProgramFire.com as an idea/resource sharing site for anyone working with youth in the YMCA, Camps, P.E Teachers, Youth Groups/Clubs/Young Life, Parks and Recreation, Birthdays or anything else that involves youth! I hope this website will help you! Please share ideas, and I will try and add them to the “Resource Zone”. I will consistently be on the lookout for new ideas and sharing them with you!

Vision: The leader of idea sharing for anyone working with youth and staff.

Contact: Would love to be a speaker or trainer at your next event! I have done presentations for my YMCA association (YMCA of the Triangle), YMCA conferences locally and nationally, and also to community groups. Please email all ideas and questions to dustinjoelwilliams@gmail.com

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