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Rollors is a cool game that I came across the other day when I started doing research around Summer 2020. You may have seen Cornhole, Bocce, Washers, etc,,, Rollors is simply a new fun game that is easy to setup and takes some strategy to win. Players roll disks and points are awarded to the player/team closes to the goal. As you can see from the picture, there are different point values on the disks. I also love this game because it is affordable and doesn’t have a ton of rules. If you are playing with kids, I definitely recommend older age groups. This is partly because there is some measuring, and you must constantly keep track of the score . You could play with all ages, just keep those logistics in mind. This game is meant for the outdoors, but could be played indoors. I would avoid playing on concrete or wood floors since the rollors are made out of 100 % New Zealand hardwood.

How did this game come about…

“Minnesota-native Matt Butler is the inventor of Rollors. The concept was first visualized on downtime between deployments overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan supporting combat operations. Upon return, Matt developed a prototype in his garage that was a hit at BBQs, parties, and other outdoor get-togethers. Around the time of the recession; Matt saw many local veterans out of work that had the resident wood working skills that helped spark the light bulb onto a means to help them. He then decided he wanted to employ local veterans to help construct the wooden disks and wooden, cone-shaped targets used in the game in their home workshops.

After countless number of games were handcrafted, packaged and sold through the website, church, craft fairs, and other types of venues it was then distributed in brick and mortar retailers across American and has even started distribution outside of the United States. After helping numerous veterans get themselves back on their feet from the recession he has it developed outside of the United States to be able to get it to a price point so many more people and families can enjoy the fun.

Rollors has turned into an award-winning and unique game which is revolutionizing beach and backyard fun.”

Check their website Rollors out for more information on how to purchase, play, and have fun with this game! We all should be trying and looking for new innovative ways to make our programs stronger. I have included this in the Resource Zone on my website as well! Check my website out for more fun game ideas.

Thought For The Day!


Sometimes the little things like a quote can make a big difference in someones day. Utilizing a “Thought For The Day ” (TFTD) is a great idea to strengthen your program. That is the power of a great idea. In many situations, the best ideas are the smallest ones. It is just a dry erase board and a marker. When you are working with people, you don’t really know what they are going through. Some people come in with smiles, some come in sad, and some come in with no emotion. The use of a “Thought For The Day” may reach that person that needed an extra pick me up. No matter their age, everyone needs a smile. Your quote can be all kinds of things, its good to mix it up between funny, uplifting, and even confusing. When the kids or staff start asking questions or talking around this quote, you have created a new avenue for relationship building and connection.

Another way to utilize a “Thought For The Day” is to get a huge fish bowl and have your participants or staff pick out a folded up quote. You can even have your participants and staff write down their favorites. In an assembly or when you gather your program together, call someone up to pick one out and read it to the group. Then ask three or four people to come up and say what that quote means to them. Taking the time to pause in your program is also very important. Your kids and staff are constantly bombarded with things to do or things coming at them through their phone or TV. You will be surprised at how people see a quote differently than someone else. This also gives your kids or staff a chance to gain confidence as they speak in front of others. Speaking in front of other people is a lost skill as many defer to texting or just not saying anything at all. Your program is the platform to build their confidence and even leaders. How cool is that?! Take time to learn about your staff and kids in your program. With the Holidays approaching, you may need to do more listening than talking. You never know what kind of emotions this season brings for many, it may not always be positive. Give them a smile and make them feel important. I will include this “TFTD” idea into the Resource Zone under Devotions. Check out my website for more fun ideas!

3 Team Building Ideas!

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Team Building is important to your participants and staff. We may get new teammates added to our staff, or we may just need some new games for your participants so they feel more connected to each other. Here are three fun ideas that John Collins a colleague of mine did at a meeting recently. Pipeline, Zoom, and Tennis Ball Balance. All of these team building games get your groups working together and talking to each other.

Pipeline: A fast-paced game that uses body coordination, teamwork, communication and planning.  Pipeline is easy to modify, which helps to motivate the team, develop communication skills, solve group problem practice, and practice goal setting. You want to get the ping pong ball from one end to the other without it dropping, not going backwards, or stopping. Great game to work on communication and patience with each other.

Zoom: Open this wordless book and zoom from a farm to a ship to a city street to a desert island. But if you think you know where you are, guess again. For nothing is ever as it seems in Istvan Banyai’s sleek, mysterious landscapes of pictures within pictures, which will tease and delight readers of all ages. Tear these pictures out of the book, mix them up, and have your team put these in chronological order.

Tennis Ball Balance: Your group will be given one rubber band, pre cut yarn strings, and one tennis ball. The objective is to move the tennis ball from one side of the room to the other just using these items. The ball can’t fall, and if it does you must start again. Once you get to the other side, you must put the ball on top of the cone.

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When you finish each of these activities, bring your group together to process how the game went. Ask questions like “What was hard about this?”, “Who was the leader, or did you have one?”, “Did everyone participate, if not, why?” Great way to have discussion so you can learn from each other and see their personality in action. I have more fun ideas in the Resource Zone on my website. Feel free to steal and share!


This Makes The “Happy Folder”…

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You may or may not have seen this story this week about a 6 year old boy saying thank you to his coach after a YMCA Flag Football game? If you haven’t yet, or want to see it again, check it out below. This is a great video and message to share with your staff or volunteers to show why you do what you do. When you volunteer or work with children, you never know the true impact you may have on them. This can get lost sometimes in the day to day work of getting jerseys, trophies, fields lined, equipment, and monitoring your budget. Youth programs are created to make memories and teach character development. Slow down and take the time to reflect on what is going on during the season and after the season. Ask the question, “Are my programs making an impact”? You definitely need to be organized in youth programming, but you also need to reflect and pause for the special moments that are created.

When I first started my career, I was struggling with a few things at work and even questioning my decision making. I was wondering if this is the right job for me. I had someone share with me one time about creating a “Happy Folder”. This is simply creating a folder in your desk drawer, and putting the thank you cards, nice notes, pictures, or anything that you want to save and look back on. You can do this with emails too. When you are having a bad day, open that desk drawer and pull out the “Happy Folder” and give yourself a reminder on why you do what you do. When you know your purpose, it becomes very powerful, and helps you wake up each day for that job. I love to do this when I am having a rough day or week. It will bring perspective to your current issue, and remind you that you are doing a great job. It will also push you to pay it forward, and write handwritten notes to staff or volunteers. I love a hand written note, because it shows that the person took the extra time. Texts are great, but nothing beats that hand written note. I will include this devotion and the “Happy Folder” into the Resource Zone. Check this out on my website for more fun ideas.


Goalcast – Lynn Gribble


I recently saw a great Goalcast video on my timeline of Lynn Gribble talking about your cell phone and how it increases your anxiety. It caught my interest as I am on my computer or my phone almost all the time. I need to do a better job of balancing my time with this. I definitely think using your phone and social media is not a bad thing, you just have to set limits. Just like anything in life, it can become an addiction if you don’t. I have also noticed recently that movies, music, and entertainment have lost creativity. We rarely sit in our thoughts to actually think. Most of the movies that are in the theaters are just remakes or comic books. I am desperately waiting for someone to come up with something creative like Forrest Gump or Jurassic Park. A movie based on a creative idea and is brand new! I think besides us as a society not sitting in our thoughts, we have also lost our imaginations along the way. We see everything right away, we don’t have to wait, and we are programming all of our day with actual activities or not giving our minds rest as we scroll along mindlessly everyday. Check this video out, and see how it challenges you or makes you think. This is a great devotion or community builder to do with your staff teams. If you have never heard of Goalcast, check their videos out at for more awesome devotions and community builders.

I will add this video to the Leadership Tools section. Check out my website for more awesome ideas.


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I recently came across this awesome game called ProjeX! This game looks like it would be tons of fun to play at any youth program. ProjeX is an affordable projection arcade game that you can play inside and outside. You can turn any wall into a projection screen. To play outside you can put up on your garage, side of house, or setup a screen using a bed sheet! This game is portable and battery operated. The other great thing is that you don’t need any sensors, it is connected to the game! The digital scoring will keep track of your hits. They have three different target cartridges. They are basic targets, UFO’s, and ducks. You can team up with a partner or go head to head. I see this being a game in a youth program where you setup a tournament, and you would be able to rotate participants in and out.

Where can you buy this game? It is currently available at Target and Walmart. The cost of this game is only $49.99! That is about $10 less than a PS4 or XBOX One video game. If you want to learn more, go to!

Check out more game ideas in the Resource Zone on my website!



Cosmic Dodgeball

Have you ever wanted to play Dodgeball in the dark? Give “Cosmic Dodgeball” a try. I did a post back in 2018 around this game, but wanted to elaborate a little more and bring this idea back to you. I received a question from Ireland this past weekend. Shout out to Hannah from the University of College Cork! I also just played in a Dodgeball Tournament this weekend that had a DJ, Last Man Standing Contest, and trophies for the winners. We had a great time even though we only won 1 game! Creating a fun atmosphere is key in to making Dodgeball so much fun. You may have read articles or seen different people talking about how Dodgeball is a “Bad” game or a game that creates bullying. They say kids feel bad about themselves after playing. Now this is just my personal opinion like everything on my website, but I disagree completely with this. I have lead Dodgeball with kids for over 20 years, and I think any game can get out of control if it is not staffed correctly, and there is no group control during the game. There are many creative ways to play Dodgeball besides just lining kids up on a wall and pegging them with a ball. Like I mentioned before, you create the atmosphere, the rules, and how you want the game to go. If played correctly, you can teach teamwork, sportsmanship, and teach a variety of movement skills. They are catching, throwing, dodging, and blocking. Check out my game Pin Blaster Dodgeball in the Resource Zone, a great game that teaches throwing accuracy, with the goal of trying to knock down bowling pins on the other team’s side to win the game. You can debate me I am sure, but Dodgeball is great. So what is Cosmic Dodgeball?

Cosmic Dodgeball is a game that is played with balls that glow in the dark. You can purchase these on S&S Worldwide. You will also need a playing space that can get somewhat dark. I have used Christmas lights to outline the court, some people use black lights and use reflective tape to outline the space. You definitely want to have some lighting so you can somewhat see the balls being thrown at you. You also definitely need music and a “DJ” to play fun music during the game. As you create the rules,

  1. Head shots don’t count
  2. if you catch someone’s ball they are out.
  3. Iif you drop a ball you are trying to catch, you are out.
  4. You must stay in bounds while playing.
  5. Time limits for games (3 Minutes) is a good time limit.
  6. If a ball hits you, and then bounces and hits another player, the ball that hit you counts. The other person is in.
  7. If you try and catch it, but miss, and the ball goes in the air, and someone else catches it, you are still out.
  8. You can’t block balls with balls.

There are many ways to play, these are my suggestions for rules that have worked for me. Go have fun and play Dodgeball. Email me with any questions. Tons of great games in the Resource Zone on my website. Check them out and feel free to steal and share.